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Services Provided


Our Services

Confidence Building

Attendies Will have a great chance to interact with youth from diverse backgrounds and express their own ideas and opinions in front of diverse faces boosting their confidence level.

Cultural Exchange

It is very beautiful to learn and have a hands on on what other people are doing and how they live and do their things. By being part of IYC, attendees will learn more about diverse cultures around the globe

Diplomacy/ Negotiation Skills

Attendees will learn more about Diplomacy as It is a very useful skill to possess when a purposeful conversation is going on between two groups or individuals. It is also known as the art of negotiation

Nurturing Youth Leaders

At IYC we believe anyone can be a leader. There are so many challenges being faced which needs to be resolved thoughtfully. This requires good leaders and it is our ambition to inculcate leadership skills.

Public Speaking and Constructive Debate

As a young leader or a leader in general, one needs to know how to present his/her issue in front of the audience. IYC brings such an opportunity to young people on how best they can speak out their minds without fear as well as how to do constructive debates which can bring a positive impact

Networking Building

IYC programs are a platform for young people to meet talented youth leaders from diverse backgrounds that encourages formation of new connections and networks as well as having meaningful conversations

Problem Solving Skills

Our programs are structured in a way that enable all participants to work on and improve their problem solving skills

Global Knowledge

Our events allows one to study diverse countries around the world and get a peek into their culture, the issues they are facing, and the the problems that need attention.


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